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"I can never stand still. I must explore and experiment. I am never satisfied with my work."

Walt Disney

JULIAN SYLVA CREATIVE is your reliable partner in the conception, planning and realization of attractions, shows and all other aspects of themed entertainment. J.S.C. supports you according to your needs and guarantees maximized efficiency at minimal cost. J.S.C. will be glad to join your project at any state of development and support it with knowledge, passion and creativity!

"The implementation of the Otto Show... that was awesome!

A great idea and a great realization. I totally flipped out! I have to see it again!

Otto Waalkes

Legendary Comedian

"Working with Julian has always been very smooth and professional. His creativity and enthusiasm always make for a very high standard in the shows he supervises.

The planning and realization have been according to our specifications at all times, and it's been a great pleasure to work with Julian. He has been surpassing my expectations over and over again."

Jörg Kraft

Former Manager Entertainment, Movie Park Germany

Manager Leisure, Serengeti Park

JULIAN SYLVA is a million-dollar-project-experienced, modern day storyteller for live entertainment, events, attractions and anything in between and beyond.

He is a passionate show director, creative writer and project leader with a professional degree in theater from one of Germany’s highest esteemed schools, a successful background in competitive dance, more than 30 years of onstage experience and 15 years of experience in professional show business.

Being a performer on stage and screen, Julian had the opportunity to perform in stadium tours, musicals, plays, stunt shows, interactive theater, movies,  television, themed entertainment, animation and theme parks in major entertainment cities including London, Zurich, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Today, he draws from these diverse experiences when creating new entertainment offerings.

 At EUROPA-PARK, Julian was the producer, director and creative lead of 4 seasonally different parades and led the team which turned them into a successful, highly popular and professionally operated brand. In 2018, the EUROPA-PARK HALLOWEEN PARADE was voted into the top 3 worldwide at the IAAPA BRASS RING AWARDS. He has created the concept for ED'S ADVENTURE PARADE, which will open as a EUROPA-PARK production for the park's 45th anniversary in 2020.  

Julian has also directed shows for other clients such as MOVIE PARK GERMANY, featuring the popular NICKTOONS characters, as well as for the park's award-winning HALLOWEEN HORROR FEST event.

In close to 5 years at EUROPA-PARK, he has also written, directed and produced more than 30 musicals, dinner shows, spectacles, variety-style shows, interactive shows for the whole family and surprising street atmosphere and hotel animation for the various stages and performance spaces within the entire EUROPA-PARK RESORT. On top of writing several original shows for the park's mascot characters, he has also been involved in their brand development. 

Since then, Julian has created exiting and diverse stories, characters and storyworlds for several international clients, ranging from Immersive Theater for FORT FUN ABENTEUERLAND, a Halloween event for a large theme park chain in Germany and more shows, attractions, themed lands and roller coasters, which audiences will be able to experience in international parks and locations within the next two years.

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