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  • Julian Sylva

Welcome to the blog!

Here, I'll be sharing my thoughts and insights on diverse topics related to storytelling, experience design and specific projects. It is my hope that you will find it helpful, informative and a conversation starter.

My professional and private life are guided by my favorite quote by Walt Disney:

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

In this industry, the greatest in the world, in my opinion, we all work towards a common goal - creating the impossible, making magic and bringing happiness to people. Each of us might have a different approach to achieving that, and I hope this will become a place to share best practices and grow together.

This industry has gone through major developments, especially in recent times, and one thing is for sure... we are just getting started. Thank you for joining me on the journey!

About the author:

Julian Sylva is the founder of Julian Sylva Creative. He provides storytelling and consulting services for the themed entertainment industry. Being a writer, show director and project leader gives him a unique perspective on blending creative ideas with their affordable realization. He is based in Hamburg, Germany, and a lifelong enthusiast of theme parks and immersive experiences.

To contact Julian, please send a message to: info@juliansylva.com

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